Adobe Lightroom 5. The Library And Develop Modules.

Adobe Lightroom 5 gives photographers, no matter what our level is, all the tools needed for having a complete workflow with our photographs. From importing, organizing and editing our pictures to publishing them in the form of a book, social networks, web galleries or slideshows.

In this course you’ll learn the fundamental concepts and techniques for mastering Lightroom from scratch, focusing on the two most important modules: Library and Develop.

Of course you will also learn the new features of this new version, always at your own pace, and with the warantee of having a professional photographer teaching you.


Santi Kierulf

Scientific Photographer & Photography Teacher

I started in the world of photography and design in 2006, and after graduating in a degree Biology, I decided to undergo an MSc in Biological Photography & Imaging in Nottingham University. As a photographer I specialise in nature photography and everything which it includes, from landscapes, animals or plants to what can be seen under a scanning electron microscope, as well as studio work, sports photography or social photography. As a designer I create business cards, scientific posters, as well as books and magazines both in paper and in digital format. After having the immense fortune of travelling to more than ten countries both in Europe and America I am currently based in Bristol, U.K.


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