DSLR Camera Essentials: Film & Edit Stunning Timelapse Videos

Take your filmmaking to a whole new level by mastering timelapse videography with award-winning videographer Drew Geraci! In this one-hour class, you’ll go behind-the-scenes with Drew as he reveals tips, tricks, and his full process for creating an amazing timelapse. Bite-sized lessons cover:

  • Equipment selection and intervalometer essentials
  • Scouting and storyboarding for narrative flow
  • On-location setup and shooting for 2 timelapse styles (stationary and motion-controlled)
  • Editing in Adobe Lightroom and After Effects

Mastering timelapse will unlock so many skills for your storytelling — bending time, transitioning scenes, setting pace, and more — and this class is the perfect opportunity to dive in, shoot your city, and master this core skill.


Note: While this class is open to all skill levels. It’s recommended that students have a basic working knowledge of their DSLR camera.


Drew Geraci


Drew Geraci, is a passionate and award-winning photographer/videographer who has been in the media industry for nearly 15 years. He specializes in motion time-lapse photography, video production, and motion graphics. His credits include the opening sequence time-lapse shots to Netflix's House of Cards, NFL Super Bowl 47,48 & 49 time-lapse intros, 2013 NFL Draft intro time-lapse shots, Corona Extra “Luna Corona” promo, PBS's Frontline, HBO Documentaries, and many other commercial productions. Clients include; Director David Fincher, Editor Angus Wall, HBO, STARZ, Netflix, NFL, Redbull, Cartier, Coach, Corona Extra, Discovery Channel, AE  ESPN, PBS, CNN, and FOX.


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