How To Build A Brand On Social Media!

Learn the typical “social media account killers” and how to avoid them!!

This course is not a hashtag-strategy guide! This course is all about creating the content, profile, and messaging you need to stand out, connect, and engage!

This course breaks down keys for success into simple, memorable, actionable steps.

  • Learn why some of your posts get a fraction of your normal engagement.
  • Learn why other people get consistently more engagement than you.
  • Learn why Facebook and Instagram may not be sharing your posts with your Followers.
  • Learn why you might not be gaining new Followers steadily and what you can do to reverse it.
  • Learn how the algorithm plays such a big role in the success of your posts, your feed, and your brand.

To breakthrough in social media you need engaging “everyday content”. That’s the focus of this course.  Learn how to create a feed that builds trust and makes connections through consistent, everyday content and engagement.

Course Curriculum


Everett Bowes

Brand Strategist

My name is Everett and I'm a Brand Strategist at We Talk Branding.   For more than 20 years I have helped companies brand boldly, create confidently, and connect deeply with their audience.   I love breaking down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand concepts that students can remember and apply immediately.   My teaching is: Practical, Conversational, Information-packed, And presented using high quality Audio and Video. I am an active instructor and I enjoy engaging with my students! So be sure to reach out if you have any questions about the material, or how to apply it to your brand!   See you in class!!


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