Learn Red Hat Administration from scratch

This is the most comprehensive, rich, and straight-forward course for Red Hat Linux. If you know nothing about Linux or already have a basic knowledge, or want to grow up your career. This rich course is for you.  This course have a rich and comprehensive videos, notes, and huge hands-on guide. In return of buying this course, you will get: 1- Get access to the course, which cover Red Hat essentials, dive inside Linux, Advanced configuration, and problem solving.2- Gain confidence and grow up your career.3- Detailed guide about the nitty gritty of Red Hat Linux.4- Be familiar with advance system configuration. Designed topics of this course:Topic 1: Introduction to Linux.Topic 2: Installation of Red Hat Linux.Topic 3: Basic commandsTopic 4: Text Editors.Topic 5: Permissions of files, and directories.Topic 6: Basic Configurations.Topic 7: Shell scripting, CronJob, and others.Topic 8: Advance configuration such as DHCP server, LDAP server, NIS, Samba, ..




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