Link Building: How To Build Back Links To Dominate Google

This course is your ultimate guide to building high-quality backlinks to any website to boost your search organic engine rankings, avoid penalties and outrank the competition.

Knowing exactly where to start building backlinks to your website can be overwhelming. And there are many common questions around backlinking that if you don’t know, can really hurt your site.

Inside this course, we’ll answer those top back linking questions including:

  • When should you start the backlinking process?
  • How many backlinks do you need?
  • How quickly should you build backlinks?
  • How many backlinking methods should I use?
  • How long does it take to see results?

By the end of this course, you will feel confident in creating and implementing a successful link building campaign to boost your search engine rankings.

Only results that will yield you long-term results are provided in this course. Any “black hat” methods are avoided. At the same time, you will know exactly how to evaluate a potential backlink to make sure it is the best one for your business and will provide you with good results.

You’ll also find lots of resources that you can download and use for your link building campaign.

The tactics and techniques presented in this course will help you avoid search engine penalties, have consistent rankings and outrank your competition.

As you go through the course, begin creating your own link building campaign and start implementing it so you will be well on your way to top search engine rankings.

Course Curriculum


Christine Maisel

Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

Christine is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps web design and SEO startups through education, coaching and services.  Christine has been a web designer for nearly 15 years - 10 of which she has been self-employed. Her work has taken her from working for some start-up dot com companies in the early 2000's to working as a contractor for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense to her own home office. In her time, she has built 100's of websites and blogs primarily on WordPress and Joomla. Christine has also provided training to individuals and businesses to help them manage their websites on their own with no knowledge of web coding.


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