Mobile Photography: How I Earn A Secondary Income

Need some extra cash in your pocket? This course shows you how to make money from photos you take every day, on your vacations, holidays, anywhere!

How does it work? Well you take photos of real things from everyday experiences. Upload them to the applications I show you, people buy them, and you get paid in your paypal account!

The start ups are booming with mobile stock photography applications and the best part of it all is you can upload the same photo across all platforms and still make money off of it! That’s 5Xs the exposure to make 5Xs amount of money! 

Who uses them? 

Big Companies such as Uber, SONYHeinekenMaster Card, Puma, and more that will buy them! They’ll use them in their apps, digital campaigns, brochures, catalogues, websites, everything!

You’ll have first person visuals of me in action on my phone showing you my accounts and what to do. A step by step guide showing you how to make money in mobile photography by photographing, tagging, editing, and uploading photos to the mobile market places. Learn how to make money on your phone! This course is for everyone who owns a mobile smartphone. It breaks down how to use the top mobile stock photography market places.

-Course is for all ages!

-Hours of content and materials.

-I’ll take you through my personal accounts to show you what to do to succeed

-You’ll see live updates

Simple to understand!

-Technique works for both Android and Apple devices!


Michael Lemma

Designer & Photographer

Mike is a successful designer. He worked for a hot startup in the Techn Industry. He grew up in California and received his BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Also has recieved his minor in Architecture. He has studied art and design since he was seven. He's had clients that have ranged from NY Red Bulls, The Amazing Spider-man, Coors Light, AMC's Breaking Bad, Powerade, Verizon, and more.


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