Software Development From A to Z – OOP, UML, Agile and more

You are here because you are interested in software development, right? Maybe you plan to switch careers or just want to refresh your knowledge.

And this is the perfect course for you to get insights in the software development industry.You will acquire professional and technical skills together with an understanding of what software development is all about.

Contents and Overview
This course aims to teach you the fundamentals of how software applications are created and maintained. This easy to follow video course explores the principles and techniques of software development. You will acquire professional and technical skills together with an understanding of what software development is all about.
Upon completing this course, you will be able to understand the principles and theory of software development.

What makes me qualified to teach you?
My name is Károly, and I’ve been developing software since 1995. I’m the creator of many iOS apps, most of which have been featured by Apple. I published three books on programming. You can find my online courses on Udemy and Pluralsight.

Go ahead and enroll in this course. See you in the first lesson!


Karoly Nyisztor

Senior Software Engineer, Instructor

My passion is helping people through online courses. So far, I've inspired over 50,000 students worldwide. Hi there, my name is Károly Nyisztor. I'm a software engineer, online instructor, and book author. You can find my courses and books on all major platforms including Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Lynda and Pluralsight. I've worked with companies such as Apple, Siemens, SAP, Zen Studios, and many more. I've designed and built several enterprise frameworks, and I hold twelve patents related to inventions in the field of mobile computing. I've developed over a dozen iOS apps and games- Libra Balance, My Travel Assistant, Travel Mate, iSyslog, GiftShopper, Zombie Run, to name a few. Most of these apps have been featured by Apple(New and Noteworthy, App of the Month, Best Travel Apps). I’ve been working with various technologies and programming languages, including real-time x86 Assembly and C, C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, and Python. After 18 years, I left the corporate world to start my own business. Since 2016 I’m fully committed to teaching. As an instructor, I aim to share my 20+ years of software development expertise. I currently am teaching iOS Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Security, Swift Programming, Machine Learning, Object-Oriented Design, and UML.


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