The Ultimate Beginners Guide to WordPress Security – Secure your site like a pro!

FACT #1: Only 45% of Internet traffic today is coming from real people like you and me. The other 55% are bots, hackers and other malicious content.

FACT #2: WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world.

FACT #3: One WordPress site is hacked every five minutes.

Looking at these numbers, how confident are you that your site is protected, that you data is safe?

If you are a blogger, online entrepreneur, if you own a WordPress site you should really ask yourself these questions. If you think that your site is too small or insignificant for a hacker to target, think again.

The primary goal for attackers it to get access to as many sites as possible so they will be able to control them, and use them for their own needs. Most attacks are computers based, and the size of the site and target audience doesn’t really matter.

The good news are, that you can protect your site, you can improve WordPress security level, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money in the process.

This course “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to WordPress Security” is specifically designed to give you all the WordPress security tips, WordPress security tools, and best practices to do it yourself.

Together in this course we will apply more than 30 security measure to your WordPress site, using step-by-step video tutorials and guides.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge the skills and the tools, to secure and protect WordPress website against hackers and to have an automated backup system in place.

This is an evergreen course and it will be updated as plugins and other tools mentioned in this course are updated.

Take action right now. Click on the Enroll button, and start protecting your WordPress site today!


Yasaf Burshan

IT Executive. PMP, ITIL, Clinical NLP.

I am an experienced, ITIL and PMP certified IT executive with over 20 years of IT and projects management. I lead the IT to support the ongoing growth and development of the business. My focus is to align the IT Services with the business needs, and I have a proven track record of on-time and on-budget project delivery. I take great pride and joy of being able to answer user questions and share my knowledge with them on a daily basis, in real life as well as on Spiceworks community of IT professionals. I am also a consultant, a speaker and a blogger with over 10 years of running several WordPress based sites of my own. When it comes to teaching WordPress and project management are my passions and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with my students. I will be honored if you choose to be become one!


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